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Getting your children to brush, floss and rinse their teeth everyday may be a difficult process, but in the long run promoting good oral health will be beneficial for their overall health and it will prevent them from needing dental procedures they may find scary!  Here are some of Smiles Unlimited Dentistry, P.C.’s top tips to make sure your kids maintain good oral hygiene:

  1. Lead by example:  It’s easy to show your son or daughter how to brush, but brushing WITH you may make the experience more exciting and meaningful.  Make it fun to keep your child eager to repeat the regimen.
  2. Make a game out of caring for teeth:  Children like games, so motivate them by giving rewards for taking care of their mouth.  For example, make a chart and put a sticker down every time your child brushes their teeth.  When they collect 20 stickers you can reward them with a toy or movie or even a trip to the park.  And if they skip brushing, remove a sticker so they work harder to reach their goal.
  3. Purchase an electric toothbrush:  Brushing one’s teeth can seem like a tedious task, especially for a young child.  An electric toothbrush will make the process a lot more fun. Electric toothbrushes will allow a child to clean his or her teeth more easily and there are brushes with timers to tell them when they are done.  Many brushes also feature popular children’s characters and some even play music!
  4. Get the music going:  Who said brushing has to be boring?  Encourage your child to play their favorite song while they brush.  Who knows, they may even get some cardio in while brushing their teeth.  No one said you have to stand still while you take care of your teeth!
  5. Let your child pick out their dental hygiene products:  Having their favorite color, flavor or character on their oral hygiene products will make your son or daughter eager to keep their teeth clean like a princess or a superhero!