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The Purpose of Temporary Crowns

Temporary dental crowns play an essential role in a tooth’s restoration. Most people don’t realize the various purposes a temporary dental crown serves such as: Shifting- Without having a temporary crown in place you risk the treated tooth and the teeth around it...

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Why did my crown come off?

Whether you have a temporary or permanent crown you should be aware that it may eventually come off. For some it may be painful, but when most people have a crown fall off it is simply more of an inconvenience.  These types of emergencies are not uncommon, and in many...

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Root Resorption

The breakdown and synthesis of new structures is a process that the human body uses to maintain a healthy internal balance. Cells and organs all go through this process, and the cycle is especially prevalent in bones.  Root resorption is the breakdown of bone in...

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Dry Mouth

Saliva plays an essential role in maintaining dental health by providing teeth with the calcium and phosphate minerals that they need.  If you are experiencing dry mouth it means that you have low levels of saliva production. This can be uncomfortable. Not only is the...

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Behcet’s Disease

There are many aspects of immune disorders which are not well understood.  What doctors and scientists do know, however, is that the body’s immune system has the potential to attack healthy, normal cells. This is the case with Behcet’s disease.   What is Behcet’s...

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Sealants for a Satisfying Smile

If you are an individual that has deep grooves in your teeth, then you may be a candidate for dental sealants.  When teeth have developed with deep grooves they can prove challenging to keep clean even with the best oral hygiene routine.  Food and bacteria naturally...

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Straight Teeth and Oral Health

Everyone knows that braces and Invisalign® can help straighten your teeth and make your smile look great.  But some people don’t know that properly aligned teeth also have benefits that improve your oral health! There are multiple types of malocclusion (crooked teeth)...

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