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With the holiday season soon upon us, our taste buds may be tempted to indulge in the candies, cookies, cakes and other sweets often in abundance at this time of year.  And while most thought their parents were exaggerating during their youth when they were told that too much candy could cause cavities, their parents were actually right on point.  Although delicious, all of the sweet treats we love so much can pose a threat to your oral health. Here are some tips from Smiles Unlimited Dentistry, P.C. on how to prevent sweets from turning your smile sour:

-Sticky Treats: Taffy, syrups, and gummy candies all have the potential to stay in-between teeth and other hard to reach places in your mouth.  If you are going to have some of these sticky foods be sure to floss soon after to remove any remaining particles. Leaving these high sugar foods against your teeth encourages the growth of cavity causing bacteria that feed off the sugar and rot your teeth!

-Lollipops and other suckers:  These candies coat teeth in sugar for an extended period of time. While you are enjoying the yummy flavor the bacteria in your mouth are having a feeding frenzy from the constant supply of sugar they need to grow.  Opt for a different choice of candy.

-Hot Chocolate, Coffee, and Tea:  Like hard candy, these drinks also expose your teeth to sugar for long periods of time.  To avoid such exposure, drink water after taking a sip of your soothing beverage. Drinking with a straw can also greatly reduce the surface area of teeth that are in contact with the liquid, helping to enjoy your treat and reduce the risk of cavities.

-Chocolate and desserts:  These are the kinds of treats that can be chewed and swallowed quickly.  They will also expose your teeth to sugar, but the effects are much more short-term. Frostings do pose a similar threat as sticky treats so avoid them and try to remove any that gets caught in your mouth as soon as you can!  After you’re done have some water or brush your teeth to remove any sugary remnants.