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Keeping your teeth healthy with regular cleanings is important for removing plaque, tartar and other bacteria that develops above the gums.  If you have poor oral hygiene, eating habits or use tobacco products, you may notice that your gums have become swollen, red and/or tender. This is a strong indication of periodontal (gum) disease developing, and you may be in need of scaling and root planning, also known as a deep cleaning.  

Healthy gums are a crucial part of maintaining a healthy mouth because as gum disease progresses it becomes increasingly detrimental to all structures in the oral cavity.   When infection begins beneath the gum line it can lead to pockets where bacteria thrives which can leave a bad taste in your mouth or result in bad breath. What’s worse is that this infection can spread to the root of the tooth after destroying your gums, and then to the bone structure that gives your teeth support, resulting in your teeth looking long or even complete tooth loss.  

Early gum disease is known as stage 1 gingivitis.  Oftentimes with good oral hygiene it can be treated without any procedures by your dentist.  When left untreated, however, gum disease will develop into stage 2 periodontitis. This is when recession of the gum tissue occurs and pockets form.   

When you get a deep cleaning from your dentist or hygienist the bacteria is removed from the root of the tooth and from the section of the gum that touches the root.   The tissue can then heal allowing the gums to form tightly against the affected teeth, reducing pockets and increasing the health of the teeth. One session may not be enough though!  If you have an active infection, having scaling and root planning every 3 or 4 months can help stop periodontal disease and get the healthy gums you deserve!

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