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Are you satisfied with the look of your teeth?  Do you have a tooth that is worn down or chipped?  Are you in need of a larger filling? Or are your teeth housing severe dental decay?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may be a candidate for a dental crown!  That may not sound like good news to you, however, for many a dental crown is the key to a beautiful smile and a healthy mouth.

If a tooth has significant decay, a filling is not always the best option.  In such circumstances, a large amount of the tooth must be excavated and replaced with filling material, causing what little structure of the tooth that remains to be weakened.  This is where dental crowns play an important role.

A dental crown is a metal or porcelain-based cover that is placed over a tooth.  When prepping a tooth for a crown, the tooth is reshaped removing decay and creating room for the crown.  The many advantages of crowns include the restoration and support of teeth that have been worn, cracked, broken or have severe tooth decay.


Above in the picture on the left is a tooth that has been prepared for a crown.  All the decay the tooth had was removed and then a base of tooth was made from enamel colored filling material.  Above on the right is an x-ray showing the buildup fully restored with the crown in place.


In this picture there is a crown made of porcelain fused to metal. After preparing a tooth for a crown impressions were taken so the laboratory could make this restoration fit properly in the patient’s mouth.  For more information on crowns and the types of materials they can be made of check out our previous blog post here (hyperlink http://smilesunlimited.com/ceramic-crowns/ceramic-crown/   )

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