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Society has greatly changed within the last couple of generations – especially when it comes to the use of tobacco products.  In the 40s a pop culture icon would be seen in a magazine smoking a cigarette and people aspired to look as chic. Fast forward to today, and most of the educated public agrees that smoking is not only a nasty habit, but can also cause cancer and addiction.  However, there is a still a trend with people looking for alternatives for their nicotine rush.

While the smoking industry has taken a hit by increased knowledge of its negative side effects, another alternative is gradually gaining ground.  Hookah lounges are becoming as common as bars in some places. Hookah is smoked through a device where tobacco is burned, cooled and filtered through water.  Most think “oh, it’s just water vapor so it can’t be bad for you, right?” However, the truth is the smoke inhaled from hookah contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, and more heavy metals and tar than traditional cigarettes, and are also very bad for your oral health.  Smoking hookah can result in cancer, periodontitis or gum disease.

E-cigarettes and hookah pens are another option available to those craving nicotine.  Available in stores, the production and purchase of these products are not strictly regulated, and while they don’t contain tobacco or other harmful chemicals, they are highly addictive because of their nicotine content.   There is also little research about the side effects of these products and some consider these products a possible gateway drug to heavier chemical substances for those looking to get a “better” high.

Before engaging in any hookah practices or e-cigarettes, consider the possible impact on note only your overall health, but your oral health as well.