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If you are an individual that has deep grooves in your teeth, then you may be a candidate for dental sealants.  When teeth have developed with deep grooves they can prove challenging to keep clean even with the best oral hygiene routine.  Food and bacteria naturally gather and accumulate in these areas and the longer this area is filled with germs, particles and debris, the greater your likelihood of developing cavities and tooth decay.  Dental sealants are designed to help those that struggle with keeping grooved teeth clean. Dental sealants can be used in children, teens and adults. And the best news for everyone – getting dental sealants is entirely painless.  It involves layering resin on top of the biting surface, and bonding that resin to the tooth. This effectively covers the tooth down to the base of the grooves. The new smooth surface is much easier to maintain and decreases a patient’s risk of tooth decay.  However, it’s important to remember that although the biting surface of teeth are protected by dental sealants, other surfaces of the teeth can still develop cavities, so it is important to continue to brush, floss and rinse every day. Dental sealants generally last around five to eight years and then must be reapplied.  Contact Smiles Unlimited Dentistry, P.C. if you would like more information on this quick and relatively inexpensive method for improving your oral hygiene.