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Everyone knows that braces and Invisalign® can help straighten your teeth and make your smile look great.  But some people don’t know that properly aligned teeth also have benefits that improve your oral health!

There are multiple types of malocclusion (crooked teeth) and they can all harm your mouth in different ways.  If your teeth touch on their biting surfaces (known as an edge to edge bite), it can lead to worn down teeth and jaw pain in the Temporomandibular Joint.  Patients with upper teeth that sit too far in front of lower teeth are described as having excessive overjet. Both an edge to edge bite and excessive overjet can lead to increased risk of teeth fracturing and chipping.  

Upper teeth which overlap and cover lower teeth is classified as an overbite.  Conversely, one can also have an under bite if the lower teeth grow over and cover the upper teeth.  Some people also experience an open bite, where there is space between the upper and lower teeth. Overbites, under bites and open bites are all potentially unaesthetic.  Additionally, open bites can wear out the back teeth faster than intended because it causes individuals to have difficulty biting or tearing food.

Crowding and gaps can also be the root of many oral issues.  If there are too many teeth in one area or a large space between teeth, gums may become red and inflamed.  Significant malocclusion, crowding and gaps in teeth can result in increased difficulty when cleaning, brushing and flossing.  The outcome is increased buildup of bacteria and plaque due to food becoming trapped in these regions. Oftentimes patients that have these issues are also at risk of developing periodontal diseases.  

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