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Toothpaste Dilemma

There are many ingredients that play a role in maintaining good oral hygiene and not everyone’s recipe is the same.  For some sensitivity is an issue, while others simply desire a whiter smile. But what everyone does have in common is the use of toothpaste to help...

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Root Canals

If infection has spread to the nerve of a tooth, it has the potential to spread to other teeth as well as your jaw.  In this scenario the tooth may need a root canal. The inner part of a tooth is called the pulp and it has two major functions.  One is that it has...

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Geographic Tongue

Geographic tongue is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects 3 percent of the population.  Luckily those affected don’t need to worry about mountains or peninsulas in their mouth, but there are certain methods to manage your condition and control its cosmetic...

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A Sporty Smile

Although sports injuries are common for those who are active, having a tooth knocked out can wipe the smile right off one’s face!  All it takes is one wrong swing of a bat or a stray elbow to change one’s smile forever. Here are some tips to follow for the most common...

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Tooth Anatomy

Teeth are a crucial part of our lives.  Not only does a smile help make a first impression, but teeth are also vital for communication – spoken and unspoken!  And although the majority of people brush their teeth twice a day and braces are commonplace in our society,...

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Deep Cleanings

Keeping your teeth healthy with regular cleanings is important for removing plaque, tartar and other bacteria that develops above the gums.  If you have poor oral hygiene, eating habits or use tobacco products, you may notice that your gums have become swollen, red...

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